Making a Scene (2013)

The year's best big-screen performers in 11 original (very) short films.

Janusz Kamiński25th Nov 2013
Cate Blanchett, Bradley Cooper, Chiwetel Ejiofor
25th Nov 2013
10 mins
Janusz Kamiński


For this year's Movies Issue, The New York Times Magazine commissioned lines from an eclectic and talented group of screenwriters — writers responsible for some of the best scripts of 2013. We asked them each to write a single line for us — not a scene, a script or a scenario, but simply an intriguing, amusing or captivating line of dialogue. Then we gave these lines to one of the great movie artists of our time: the cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, a two-time Oscar winner. Kaminski used these lines as inspiration to create 11 original (very) short films. Each short evokes a style or genre of the cinematic past and stars an actor who gave an especially memorable performance in 2013.